My story…

I’m Sam Enrico Williams, a highly influential recognised conductor in the latest web3 blockchain and smart contract development industry.

I’ve helped raise over $50 million, developed multiple profitable businesses and created leading decentralised applications.

To my credit, I have advised notable persons, some of the world’s wealthiest families, on crypto-related topics and possesses a robust investment-ready network of contacts that expands globally.

I started out by founding and launching “Tramp”, a luxury lifestyle magazine; printed monthly and globally distributed under my publishing house “SamEnrico”, which currently owns over twenty thousand ISBN A.I generated guides and books in its catalogue.

I went onto win a contractual agreement with gambling giant 888 Holdings PLC to create leading guides after being headhunted to develop a comprehensive online strategy for platform users.

Also know for being one of the “Cryptocurrency Twins” who launched a cryptocurrency called Populous with my twin brother, which got worldwide attention for being the first platform to provide invoice finance on the blockchain. Due to the project’s enormous success, significant investments were made in launching “Zloadr”, buying a share in 2 Michelin star Restaurant Story, owning a percentage in crowdfunding platform ‘Crowd For Angels”, and owning commercial and residential properties in Dubai, London & Spain.

As of now, further investments have seen the creation of luxury hospitality group “Deux”, which is in the process of creating two restaurants, 2 bars and a members club in the heart of Mayfair and will go on to establish the same concept globally.

It does not end there, as he is heading the development of Crypt2eSports, an online new generation play-to-earn platform that supports NFTs, known for their massive adaptations and rapidly growing community of owners worldwide.