Getting your token/coin verified on CoinMarketCap could open the floodgates for investment

The need to verify your coin or token on CoinMarketCap is one of the most overlooked necessities by many crypto creators.

While self-verification is popular, it will deny you the chance to get trusted by the crypto community from where you want to draw the attention of potential investors. The lack of verification on CoinMarketCap, the largest crypto listing platform, will negatively impact the reception of your crypto project. For example, if your coin is not verified, it will not appear among the top-listed tokens, hence denying you the trust you need from investors. Considering that crypto investment, just like the traditional investment in stocks, requires trust to make the token/coin valuable. 

Ranking Criteria

CoinMarketCap ranks tokens based on certain algorithms, hence the criteria of from the largest to the smallest, with the former appearing on the first pages of the website. The size of the crypto ranking is based on market capitalization. It also uses the traded volume in terms of 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. The platform also ranks exchanges in the same way, in terms of volume traded in the last 24 hours. The platform also ranks cryptos based on trending, which includes gainers and losers. This ranks the most increasing coin/token by a percentage point. This category also includes recently added coins, with a list of newly added tokens on CoinMarketCap. 

Failure to have your coin verified based on these algorithms will dent the performance of your token/coin. On the other hand, getting your token/coin verified will help you create a positive outcome for your cryptocurrency. For example, Shiba Inu, DogeCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB are some of the highest-ranking coins because they are verified. 

How to Get Verified

Getting verified on CoinMarketCap can appear challenging if you decide to go it alone. However, those who consult experts find it easy to process as they take the load of studying the criteria and ensuring your token/coin adheres to the standards set on CoinMarketCap. Remember it’s not just verification but having your coin ranked high, so verification is the bare minimum you can attain. In case you need your coin/token verified, contact third-party verification experts who will take you through the process and do it wholesomely with little effort from you. All you need is to have a coin with some important utility features to make it easy to sell to potential investors. 

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