How airdropping NFTs made CryptoPunks creators millions

One thing that has stood out despite the difficult period in the crypto world is period the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs have had phenomenal growth over the last three years, and successful NFTs have provided massive opportunities for the crypto community with great airdrops. The steady growth of these digital collectibles in the market has given the crypto community a lot of hope following successful airdrops. More importantly, investors and crypto enthusiasts have realized that NFTs are worthy investment vehicles in the long term as more innovative technology and blockchain emerge to help diversify their applicability. As such, the NFT projects have grown to a total of $41 billion in value as of 2021. 

Some of the most successful NFTs airdrops are CryptoPunks, Rarible, PancakeSwap, and BNBBunnies among others. These projects have given users exciting airdrops to generate interest among the larger crypto community to bring more adopters. While many of these NFT projects airdrop tokens, CryptoPunks airdrops have come out as one of the most exciting projects with massive opportunities for investors and NFT enthusiasts. To date, CryptoPunks is the biggest NFT airdrop ever in the market. 

So, what makes CryptoPunks the biggest airdrop ever in the NFT market?

While it’s wildly popular today, just five years ago, the creators of CryptoPunks decided to airdrop 5,000 proto-NFTs free of charge to anyone who chose to mint one. In 2017, when CryptoPunks decided to give free airdrops, gas fees were extremely cheap, hence anyone could get CryptoPunks for just a few cents. The developers were not even sure if anyone would care about their project. Today, CryptoPunk ranks top as one of the leading NFTs airdrops ever, with a constantly rising demand. 

How to Bulk Airdrop NFTs- A 3-Step Guide

You can use pre-built tools to bulk airdrop NFTs because it saves time and decrease network congestion. The three steps to follow are: 

Ste 1: Access the Bulk Token Sender Dapp

Step 2: Upload the address list in the correct format 

Step: the DApp will generate and batch up to 100 transfers in one transaction, and sometimes you may be required to sign after each. You can batch transfer your NFTs to save time and eliminate errors when conducting many actions. 


Are you ready to bulk airdrop NFTs? The good thing about having an NFT such as CryptoPunks in your wallet is that it qualifies you to get more NFTs for free. While it may be hard for an everyday user or crypto trader to understand the details of what is happening inside a blockchain of an Ethereum protocol, you can use bulk transfer services offered to enjoy the full benefits of NFTs. 

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