How cheap gas fees have brought back the chance of becoming a crypto millionaire

When Ethereum came into the scene, many developers found a network where they could create coins that would eventually turn them into millionaires.

Some got instant success, while others had to wait for something to happen to bring out the names of their tokens to the public. However, Ethereum has become of the most challenging networks due to the ever-rising gas fees that discourage many developers and investors. So, what’s the alternative? 

Lately, several networks have emerged, including Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Polkadot, ChainLink, etc. that provide developers with better options to create tokens that can make them millionaires.

Through airdrops, one can create a token and use some guerilla marketing tactics to popularize their tokens. It is not magical to see a token, which many may assume has no significance, get buzzed through crypto social networks, eventually attracting a large community of crypto enthusiasts. A rise in popularity of your new token will lead to rising in price as more exchanges accept it to be traded. This will make you an instant billionaire, just like early developers who embraced Ethereum before the network got congested. 

The growing popularity of airdrops in different chains

Airdrops were first used on the Ethereum chain. However, once Ethereum became congested with the expensive gas fees, many developers sought alternative chains, where airdrops can be distributed at a fraction of the gas fee on beneficiaries. Today, many projects are emerging on chains such as BSC, Solana and Polkadot among others to bring the best out of the airdropped tokens. With significantly lower gas fees, many recipients will not be worried about the cost of sending airdropped tokens. This allows them to scoop up additional coins or tokens. If you create a token and use the right strategy to distribute airdrops, it may make you the new billionaire in town as more people will be running to purchase and trade it for fear of missing out. 

It is worth noting that the current trend with airdrops will not die any time soon, as more creators and crypto enthusiasts get involved with alternative chains other than Ethereum. That is, most of the new crypto projects are community-driven, hence the more people get to adapt to new chains, the better for the new token. People would want something that will give them passive income, which airdrops provide. 


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