How to attract investors to your crypto coin or token in 30 days

Getting investors to know about your token is the first step toward attracting investors.  CoinMarketCap is the best platform that will get your coin noticed by investors.

Getting listed on CoinMarketCap will require that your coin get verified on the platform, which will enable you to build a strong case for your new token. Yes, CoinMarketCap is the most visited site on crypto stats, and ignoring it is detrimental to your success as a token creator. Putting your coin on CoinMarketCap will also enhance your chances of tracking new investors with the prospects of selling the idea about your project, especially on how it will earn them good returns if they invest. Many creators have used airdropping, which has become quite popular lately. 

To successfully attract potential investors to your new crypto project or token within 30 days, you will need to follow these steps: 

  • Listing on the site- having your token on the CoinMarketyCap is a great way to get started. It is at this point that every crypto community member, including investors can access your token and make an investment decision. 
  • Market making- this will allow you to get liquidity as you accept bids on exchanges. Market makers make a profit by collecting the bid-ask spread over multiple trades. 
  • Verifying your circulation- you can verify your token circulation through CoinMarketCap to ensure you meet the standards set for listing. 
  • Distributing your tokens- Distribute your token through airdrops to increase exposure. This is a subtle way of attracting potential investors who may see potential in the project, especially if it has verifiable utility. 

Use a third-party consultant to help you achieve your goal

You may need an expert to help you achieve all the above with your coin, as these experts know the inside of listing and popularizing new tokens. For example, our experts have had massive success in ensuring new tokens get verified, listed, and promoted to potential investors. While airdropping is the easier step towards making your new crypto known, it will require you to get verified, listed, and ranked high to attract meaningful interest from potential investors. 

Airdropping has grown into popularity recently, and having your token popularized through the process is a sure way of having the attention of the crypto community. To be successful in this regard, consult third-party experts to assist you.  


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