Most valuable cryptocurrencies that performed airdrops

A few years back, cryptocurrency projects relied on initial coin offerings (ICOs) or presales as a source of raising funds and popularizing a new coin.

However, the latest trend has seen many new projects go the airdrop way to raise awareness about a new crypto project. Blockchain and crypto projects use airdrops to reward tokens to their communities. Airdrops are highly popular because of their extensive applicability, as they help projects gain publicity throughout the crypto community. In 2021 alone, major Ethereum DeFi projects held many record-breaking coin airdrops that have since hon to explode in value since their release. 

In this article, we highlight some of the most valuable crypto projects that performed airdrops. 

The popularity of airdrops can be seen by the number of people who participate during distribution. Decred airdropped 259,000 DCR to lucky early enthusiasts who had signed up for it. The value of the airdrop rose o $32,500, earning many beneficiaries hundreds of thousands. 

Stellar also gave Bitcoin holders $1000 XLM tokens per BTC in 2017, which was 19% of their total token supply. A year later, Stellar would make it to the list of one of the largest airdrops in history, by airdropping $125,000,000 in XLM tokens, which are still open. Stellar has grown into one of the most popular tokens in the crypto community, and those who received early airdrops reaped big. 

OpenDao airdropped SOS tokens to all NFT creators, collectors, and enthusiasts who had previously made transactions on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. In this arrangement, recipients did not have to complete any task other than claiming the token from the website manually.

How to do an airdrop

To successfully airdrop, have users complete one or multiple tasks, such as ones involving small social tasks to qualify for receiving the airdrop at a later date. Once that’s done, you can automatically distribute tokens to holders of a particular asset or balance on the blockchain that will host the airdrop. 

The trend is likely to continue 

New projects are taking to airdrops as a better alternative to building their public image. This enables them to raise funds to bootstrap their projects. Currently, many projects are already airdropping to lure the community into adopting their new token. Some projects like Lucky Block NFT are rewarding community members by just joining a telegram group, following them on Twitter, or joining the email list. These activities take no effort and yet can earn you some decent income if the coin rise in price. 

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